Kayla Scott, LCMHCA

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Hello, I am happy you are here! My name is Kayla Scott and I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor- Associate.  I have over 8 years of expertise counseling children and adolsecents. I have worked in schools and community based treatment facilities. Children and adolescents have a lot on their plate…school stressors, unresolved trauma, anger, social media influences, etc. It's been my experience that younger clients tend to relate to me which makes for an enriching counseling experince. I am a trusted liaison for parents who want insights in preserving a healthy child/parent relationship. Healthy and respectful boundaries have been a proven method of how I can work with you. It's difficult transitioning from child to adolescent to young adult. As your counselor, we will work together in finding your unique and safe path for growth.   

The techniques I've found to be productive for my clients are Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. As an Indigenous person, I value my cultural background as well. When appropriate, I have found that my formal education aligns nicely with traditional values of my culture. 

 I believe we can work together to make the change you want in your life!  

 Let's get started on your unique healing pathway.